The Family

“The luckiest thing I ever did was to get married in 1919.” – Lee Williams

Her name was Marion Letitia Peacock. When she was twelve years old her family had come to Edmonton from Blackburn, England. The two were married in December of 1919, honeymooning in his home state of New York while visiting his family.

Marion was active and well read. As a young woman she played defence in a hockey game against a men’s team in 1911. She also played centre on a local basketball team and rode saddle horses for enjoyment. Her shelves were filled with books and she made frequent trips to the public library. One former librarian commented that she was very friendly and always beautifully dressed.

After they were married, the couple bought a house in the Glenora neighbourhood of Edmonton.

“I purchased a house for $7000 and it took me twenty years to pay for the same and the interest at that time was only 6%.” – Lee Williams

They had one son, Jack L.R. Williams, born in 1923. The Glenora home was much loved by the family. Jack and his mother were able to go to the local skating rink for fun. Neighbours shouldn’t have been surprised when Lee posed for photos with his horse Sonoma on the front lawn.

Image Credits: Marion, Jack and Lee, ca. 1940s, Musée Héritage Museum; Williams Family Glenora Home, Musée Héritage Museum