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Originally ran from February 14-March 19, 2012

Slavic St. Albert

Musée Héritage Museum

At the start of the 20th century, many Eastern Europeans began to settle in this area, adding to the diverse mix of cultures and traditions that make up St. Albert. This exhibit is based on the work of Michal Mlynarz, who researched the lives and contributions of the Polish, Ukrainian and Russian families that continue to choose this community as their new home.

Originally ran from January 22-March 24, 2019

Pandemic! A Cautionary Tale

Musée Héritage Museum

The human narrative is filled with episodes of local and global illness that changed the course of history. This exhibition examines what humans have learned from past pandemics.

Originally ran from Septemeber 19, 2017-January 7, 2018

The Michel Band

Musée Héritage Museum

The Musée Héritage Museum is pleased to be the host of an exhibition curated by members of the Michel Band Council. The history of this First Nation is deeply connected to the region. With family objects loaned to us by band members and pieces from the museum collection, they will tell their story of strength, family, injustice, challenge and perseverance.

Originally ran from Septemeber 20-November 13, 2016

Weiller and Williams Co Ltd: Building a Livestock Empire

Musée Héritage Museum

Weiller and Williams Co. Ltd. was founded in 1925, with Lee heading up operations in Edmonton. This exhibition tells an important Alberta story with images and artifacts from Lee’s years with the company and also from his extensive involvement with horse racing in the province.

Healing Garden Memorial Project

Photographs from the public memorials at the St. Albert Healing Garden in 2021.

Founders' Walk

The refurbished and expanded Founders’ Walk opened to the public in 2011. The Founders’ Walk serves as a walk through St. Albert’s history and ties together several historic, cultural, educational and commercial facilities. To take your own digital tour of the walk, choose a topic from the legend and get started.