Staff Directory

Leah Louden, Director and Rental & Sales Gallery Associate
D: 780-651-7202

Shannon Vance, Program Manager
D: 780-651-5735

Heather Shepherd, Visual Arts Programmer
D: 780-651-5738

Emily Baker, Curator
D: 780-651-5745

Janine Karasick-Acosta, Visual Communications
P: 780-651-5737

Tessa Stewart, Visitor Services Coordinator
P: 780-460-4310

Shari StrachanDirector
P: 780-459-1528

Vinothaan Vipulanantharajah, Archivist
P: 780-459-1528

Celina LoyerIndigenous Programmer
P: 780-459-1528

Alex Hendriks, Education Programmer
P: 780-459-1528

Christina Hardie, Public Programs and Heritage Sites Manager
P: 780-459-1528

Edna BakerVisitor Services Coordinator
P: 780-459-1528

Robert Croteau, Maintenance Coordinator
P: 780-459-1528

Maria Nelson, Interim Education Programmer
P: 780-459-1528

Tessa Rinaldi Museum Educator
P: 780-459-1755

Kelly Edgeworth Education Coordinator
P: 780-418-6008

Ann Ramsden, Executive Director
P: 780-651-5740

Natacha Stewart, Finance Director
P: 780-651-5742

Shawna Randolph, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
P: 780-651-5743

Aimee Lauzon, Operations Administrator
P: 780-651-5739

Caitlin Chandler, Graphic Designer
P: 780-651-7325

Mary Redcliffe, Registrar
P: 780-459-1163

Contact us!

Please allow 2 to 3 business days for a response. For immediate museum inquiries call 780-459-1528 and for immediate gallery inquiries call 780-460-4310.