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The Musée Héritage Museum, Heritage Sites and Art Gallery of St. Albert are located in St. Albert, Alberta—Canada’s Botanic Arts City.

St. Albert boasts rich heritage, inspirational art, renowned events and much more! For more information on St. Albert, visit www.stalbert.ca

Admission is free, donations welcome


19 Perron Street, St. Albert, AB T8N 1E5

P: 780-460-4310 | ahfgallery@artsandheritage.ca

St. Albert Place, 5 St. Anne Street, St. Albert, AB T8N 3Z9
P: 780-459-1528, F: 780-459-123 | museum@artsandheritage.ca

4 Meadowview Drive, St. Albert, AB
P: 780-419-7354, 780-459-1528 | museum@artsandheritage.ca

*The historic River Lot buildings (La Maison Chevigny, Brousseau Granary, Cunningham House and Belcourt House) and St. Albert Grain Elevators are open seasonally from Victoria Day to Labour Day. Outside of operation hours, and for group bookings, please contact the Musée Héritage Museum.

2 Madonna Drive, St. Albert, AB, T8N 2M2
P: 780-459-4404, 780-459-1528 | museum@artsandheritage.ca

#200, 20 Perron Street, St. Albert, AB T8N 1E4
P: 780-459-1194, F: 780-459-1232 | office@artsandheritage.ca