Lii Buflo: A Métis Way of Life

Lii Buflo: A Métis Way of Life is a traveling panel exhibit that showcases the historic ties and spiritual bond between the Métis people and the buffalo, as well as the bison conservation efforts of Elk Island National Park. Each of the ten visiting interpretive panels stand six feet tall and feature the graphic designing of Métis artist Jesse Gouchey. 

The temporary displays were created to travel to different historic sites across the country each summer. The exhibit debuted at St. Albert’s Historic River Lots in the summer of 2022. 

To develop this exhibition, Elk Island National Park and the Arts and Heritage Foundation of St. Albert worked closely with a Métis advisory committee to showcase Métis stewardship, voices and stories.

The exhibit offers opportunities for viewers to learn about the history of the Métis and the bison through storytelling from the Métis community and Gouchey’s artwork.

Click on the links on each page to learn more about what is represented in each of the exhibition’s panels: