Luise Mendler-Johnson

Luise paints in acrylic and watercolour and also enjoys sketching in pen and ink. She has taken countless art classes and workshops and loves to experiment with new media, tools and methods. Currently, her focus is on prairie landscapes in acrylics and flower and urban sketching using watercolour and ink. A resident of St. Albert, Luise is a member of the St. Albert Painters' Guild as well as the Visual Arts Studio Association of St. Albert.

"In my compositions I strive to capture the excitement of that fleeting moment when the interplay between light and shadow transforms an ordinary scene into something magical by revealing dramatic shapes, colours, and abstract patterns. I feel most at home in the sweet spot between realism and impressionism where my colour choices and mark making become a visual expression of my emotional response which, I hope, will resonate with kindred spirits in viewers of my work."


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