Francoise Noel

Françoise Noël is a visual artist whose love of photography dates back to her student days working in Jasper, Alberta over the summer. While she leans towards a documentary approach, her photography has always included creative macro florals and abstracts as well as landscapes, architecture and architectural detail, with the occasional vintage car or abandoned building added to the mix. Bird photography has recently become an important part of her portfolio. A member of the St. Albert Photography Club, she enters their monthly photo competition and she exhibits regularly at the Red Willow Senior Centre. She has entered the AAC Photography show in Spruce Grove several times, and in 2018 she received a second and a third-place ribbon in the Orchid Society of Alberta Photography Competition. She is the author of Through a Viewfinder: North Bay, Ontario which she self-published in 2010. She now lives in St. Albert, Alberta.


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