The Queen of Hugs

Lois Hole instilled the value of community service to her family and those she touched. Lois played the organ at the St. Albert United Church for many years. She was a St. Albert School Trustee and sat on multiple boards and councils. 1995 Lois Hole was named the St. Albert Citizen of the Year for her community service.

In 1998, Lois Hole was incredibly proud to be appointed as the Chancellor of the University of Alberta despite having yet to have the opportunity to attend college or university herself. In 1999, Hole became a Member of the Order of Canada. Hole then decided to step down from her Chancellorship in 2000 to serve as Alberta’s 15th Lieutenant Governor, the second woman to be honoured with this prestigious position.

Lois Hole was always remembered for her warmth and humility in her many public roles, earning another honourable title, “The Queen of Hugs.”  

Credits: The St. Albert United Church committee for charter service, 1954. Lois Hole is standing front row second from left (Musée Héritage Museum); Lois Hole playing the organ (left) at St. Albert United Church (Musée Héritage Museum); Lois Hole, Chancellor, University of Alberta 1998-2000 (U of A Creative Services 1998-9701-K-54); Lois Hole at the fall planting at Cottage Garden, 1991 or 1992 (Musée Héritage Museum).