Fire in Her Hands

Elke Blodgett 

July 11 to August 10, 2024


Reception + Celebration: July 18, 6–8 pm

Virtual Tour: July 31 at noon on Facebook Live

In-Person Tour: July 11 at 6:30 pm and July 25 at noon


Fire in Her Hands is the first retrospective of Elke Blodgett’s visionary ceramics. A potter for over 40 years, she unapologetically forged her path. Her vessels are a conversation of contrasts, a delicate balance between stability and precarity. The exhibition shares the story of an artist whose work gave form to dreams that hone in her works in Raku.

Imagined, planned and curated in collaboration with the Blodgett family, Fire in Her Hands was created. In the minds of those who continue to hold her memory close, Elke was an artist, kiln builder, mother, teacher, community organizer, friend, passionate environmentalist and a force of nature.

“Being a potter is a constant journey of discovery and chance happenings. My hands discover and make visible the inside of me. They take what I do not know and give it form.” – Elke Blodgett


Image credit: Elke Blodgett, Druid series, raku, 1992-1993;  Elke Blodgett with Moon Rocks, raku, 1992-1993;  Elke working in her cabin, date unknown.