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Brutinel (French)

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Brutinel: The extraordinary story of a French citizen Brigadier-General in the Canadian Army by Dominique and Jacques BaylaucqBrutinel: Le remarquable destin d’un Français, brigadier-général de l’Armée canadienne par Dominique et Jacques Baylaucq

Available in both English or French, this book tells the remarkable story of a remarkable man.Written by close family friends, Dominique and Jacques Baylaucq, Brutinel is the fascinating biography of a French immigrant to Alberta, Canada. In the early 1900s he made significant contributions to the fledgling province working as a newspaper editor, surveyor and railway builder before joining the Canadian Army and creating the Motor Machine Gun Brigade, a new tactical force in modern warfare. The book includes transcripts of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation interviews with Brutinel about his service during WWI.

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