Rent + Buy Art FAQ

Why visit the Rental and Sales Gallery?

  • It is difficult to experience the true scale, colour and materials of an artwork through a photograph. We invite you to visit the Art Gallery of St Albert, where you can view the artworks in person.
  • Our expert staff can provide a free consultation to help you find the perfect artwork to suit your personal taste and budget. Please drop in to view the gallery or contact us to schedule your free consultation.


Why invest in original artwork?

  • Artwork enriches how people experience the world and will provide an inspiring environment in your home, office, or business
  • Investing in artwork by living Canadian artists is a tax-deductible expense
  • Investing in artwork through the Rental & Sales Gallery is an investment in the arts and culture of your community (50% of rental fees and 60% of sales commissions go directly to the artists, with the remaining proceeds funding Gallery events and programs for the community)
  • Original artwork makes a memorable gift (we also offer gift certificates in any denomination)


Why rent artwork?

Renting artwork has many advantages!

  • Rental fees are low (ranging from $5 – $100 monthly), making artwork financially accessible
  • Renting artwork allows you to experiment with a wide range of styles, media and subject matter in your home or office
  • If you love the artwork you are renting and would like to purchase it, the Rental and Sales Gallery offers a discount (50% of the rental fees paid up to six months will be taken off of the purchase price)


How do I rent or purchase artwork?

Renting and purchasing artwork from the Rental & Sales Gallery is easy!



  • You are welcome to pay for an artwork in full or by a monthly installment payment plan
  • Payment plans are 0% interest
  • You do not need to be a member to purchase artwork



  • Rental fees are based on a minimum rental period of one month
  • Fees are calculated as a percentage of the value of the artwork, ranging from $5-$100 monthly for works valued upwards of $5,000
  • The rental period can continue for as long as you would like


Please note that an Arts and Heritage membership is required to rent artwork.  There are many benefits of being an Arts and Heritage member and annual memberships are available at the Gift Shop for just $20 per year.  You do not need to be a member to purchase artwork.


How do I submit artwork?

We review submissions to the Rental & Sales Gallery twice annually.  Please view our submissions guidelines for more information.


Contact us

Leah Louden, Rental and Sales Gallery Associate
Art Gallery of St Albert
19 Perron Street, St Albert, AB T8N 1E5
Ph: 780.651.7202  I







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