Information + Policies

We will contact you to confirm a date for programs. Packages will be sent approximately one month before workshops to allow time to resolve any conflicts or errors. Letters are addressed to each teacher bringing a class so please distribute accordingly and bring this information with you; check with colleagues if you have not received your information.

Enrolment Policy
Invoices are determined by the number of students booked. If enrolment has changed, please notify the office upon receipt of the confirmation letter, or prior to the day of the workshop. There is no minimum enrolment number; however, a minimum fee is charged for each workshop based on 16 students.

Cancellation Policy
If a workshop is cancelled with less than 3 weeks notice, $60 per workshop will be charged. If the program is rebooked for another date or another class can fill the space, the cancellation fee will be waived.

Attending Programs
1. Wear name tags if possible (students, teachers and volunteer helpers).
2. Wear art-proof clothing.
3. Bring maps and information sheet with schedule of programs for your reference.
4. Ensure students walk in a quiet and orderly manner, particularly through public areas such as St. Albert Place.
5. Let the instructor know when your bus must take students back to your school so they can adjust the program accordingly.

Volunteer Helpers
We ask that volunteers or parents accompany students. Usually four to six adults per class is adequate, depending on class size and needs. Ratio of adults to students: 1:3 for Preschool and Kindergarten; 1:4 for Grades 1 to 3; 1:6 for Grades 4 and higher. We appreciate this support, and it makes the program more enjoyable for everyone. *Please remember, volunteer helpers attend to assist students, not to participate in the workshop as a student or to create projects for students who are absent.

Booking a Bus
*It is very important to check bus departure times before booking a program. Many bus companies must depart before 2:30 pm.*
If you need to leave earlier than the scheduled time, please discuss with the registration office when booking. Some afternoon times are flexible. At the workshop, communicate bus times with the instructor at the beginning of the class so students are not rushed at the end.

Lunch Space
Lunch space is limited at St. Albert Place, so if you are coming for an 11:30 am–1 pm workshop, please try to arrange a snack or lunch at school. If you’re attending one program after another, a lunch space may be booked for you in n the Atrium (front foyer or Visual Arts wing hallway of St. Albert Place), as available. If you are attending a program at the Little White School, Train Station or Art Gallery of St. Albert, other lunch sites are available.