Shirley Randall

Shirley Randall grew up in St. Albert and started her pottery career when she was just 14 years old with her first wheel throwing class taught by Nell Sadee. She was soon accepted into the St. Albert Potter’s Guild as one of their first teen members. Shirley continued to study pottery through high school and beyond, taking classes with Naburo Kubo, Jim EitzkornElkie Blodgett, Dawn Candy, Heather Edwards and Ruth-Anne French. Moving to Morinville in the 80s, Shirley joined the local Pottery Club and began teaching and sharing her passion for clay. She is now living back in St. Albert as a member of the St. Albert Potter’s Guild and continues to teach classes at the AGSA and in the community. 

Shirley loves to work on the pottery wheel creating vessels that can be touched and enjoyed every day. Her work is beautiful but functional, including everything from elegant pitchers to huggable mugs. She is inspired by nature, the changing seasons, and the night sky.


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