Jill Cameron Creative

Jill Cameron is a St. Albert artist & member of the St Albert Potter’s Guild. Originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, she studied Arts Education & Adapted Physical Activity. Upon finishing University, she moved across the country twice living in St. John’s, NL and then Kelowna, BC followed by a move to the Caribbean and finally settling with her family in St. Albert.

Jill’s passion ranges all across the arts with a focus on pottery, jewelry making, painting, and photography. Some of her favorite pottery items to create are functional bowls, mugs, and variety of plates in all different shapes and sizes along with her gnome hat wine stoppers! She loves making handmade earrings from recycled paper and unique stones that she finds all over the globe. Her photography is focused on family, flora and fauna, with a special love for photographing butterflies! Her painting has varied from acrylic and oil on canvas to fine detailed watercolor prints with ink and other mediums.


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