Biscuit Box Beauties

Paula Wintink and Linda Moir met while employed as graphic designers for a non-profit corporation and discovered they had similar artistic interests. They collaborate as “Biscuit Box Beauties” and apply traditional silversmithing techniques to biscuit tins and copper, to make unique wearable and colorful items of jewelry.

The two have a broad range of experience in the creative arts: Paula is a graduate of the design arts program, Grant MacEwan College and Electronic Publishing program at Westerra (NAIT), and Linda has a degree in Clothing and Textiles from the University of Alberta. In her own practice Paula has explored paper making, bookbinding, and mixed-media projects, displaying work in several group exhibitions around Edmonton.
Linda has participated in dozens of art courses through City Arts Centre and other organizations, and loves experimenting with photography, clay, and metalworking.


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