Through the Tide

Diana Ohiozebau

August 7 to November 6, 2021 


Through the Tide honours the perseverance and growth that follows hardship. Reflecting on her own experiences, Edmonton artist Diana Ohiozebau’s work gives voice to self-belief, celebrating the confidence that comes from confronting life’s ongoing challenges.  

Raised in Nigeria, Ohiozebau is inspired by her African heritage, and reflects on femininity, vulnerability, and place. “My studio practice is influenced by African themes and objects including masks, sculptures and fabrics. These elements form the basis of my paintings as I explore this rich historical and cultural heritage.” 

Through the Tide features a single work, Resilience II, installed in the Art Gallery of St. Albert’s staircase exhibition space. Created using acrylic paint, collaged Aso-ebi fabrics and yarn on white Aso-oke fabric, this striking work measure 1.8 meters long, with long looping braids trailing gracefully downwards.   

Intuitive and free flowing lines merge the faces and hands of the women in Resilience II, linking each figure to the next. Ohiozebau captures an atmosphere of community, cherishing the knowledge that we are never truly alone.   

Diana OhiozebauResilience II, acrylic, yarn and fabric, 72×84”, 2020.