Strange Jury

Dwayne Martineau 

October 4 to November 16, 2024 


Dwayne Martineau has unleashed an ancient and venerable vision of nature in Strange Jury. Here, the hidden consciousness of nature observes, and we, the humans, are positioned as outsiders. This exhibition will put our presumed separateness and superiority to nature into question. By creating space for nature to stare back at us to humble us, Martineau hopes to shift our relationship with nature rooted in gratitude, respect and awe for the natural world.


Image credit: Dwayne Martineau, STRANGE JURY, installation view, 2021;  Dwayne Martineau, STRANGE JURY detail, The Judge2021; Dwayne Martineau, STRANGE JURY detail, The Deer2021; Dwayne Martineau, Self-portrait.