Organic Flow of Nature

Arijana Lukic

March 10 to June 6


Emerging artist Arijana Lukic takes a scientific approach to her abstract artwork. The element of chemistry is a huge part of the creative process in which pigments, ink and resin combine to create unique patterns and systems within miniature artworks. The final compositions mimic intricate biological structures from the hidden natural world.  

The artist does not exhibit the miniatures and instead uses macro photography to capture each three-dimensional composition. It is then enlarged on to high-gloss aluminium as a largescale print. The results are fascinatingly complex and surprisingly organic in appearance 

Seeing people’s facial expressions when they are looking at my art in person, makes my career as an artist reaffirmed a thousand times over. I love how this art can bring a smile to a face and warmth to a heart. It’s my creative way to share love with the world”. Lukic, 2019. 


Image Credit: Arijana Lukic, Sprouts of Neptune, Macro photograph of Epoxy resin and alcohol inks original, 36×24”, 2018.