Line + Form

June 1 to 30

Margriet Hogue

Ryan McCourt


Line + Form is a conversation on the work of creativity. Artists add and subtract materials, tweaking and adjusting lines, labouring until a composition is found that sparks the mind and holds the soul.

For Ryan McCourt and Margriet Hogue, their work is a celebration of the puzzle that is visual art making. Using their experience, intuition and dedication, both artists strive to craft something unexpected. The materials of their craft are essential, with both artists looking to everyday objects for inspiration.

Ryan McCourt’s brass sculptures are created from knick-knacks and heirlooms, purchased at antique stores and thrift shops. The object’s previous function is of little importance, as McCourt is looking at its formal qualities: line, texture and shape. Doorknobs and kitschy decorations take on a second life – cut and soldered into lyrical sculptures. McCourt is drawn to the permanence of metal and strives to engage the viewer’s imagination and inspire curiosity. 

Margriet Hogue blends layers of paint, fabric, paper and rusted metal detritus in her multi-panel creations. Each layer is built up and sanded down, a process that unveils sedimentary layers of materials, blurring the boundaries between foreground, midground and background. Using screwdrivers, can openers and kitchen spatulas, she carves into fresh layers of paint, playfully exploring abstract lines and following her instincts.

Line + Form embraces the struggles and joys of art making. Hidden away in the studio, McCourt and Hogue’s creative processes attempt to maintain an exquisite harmony between the unexpected and the timeless.

Image Credits: Ryan McCourt, A Muse of fire, 2021, brass; Ryan McCourt, Attic Wit, 2022brass; Ryan McCourt, Love Letter, 2022, brass; Ryan McCourt, Shangri-La, 2022, brass; Margriet Hogue, Shuttered, mixed media, 2020, 12x12x1.5”; Margriet Hogue, Edge of Dawn, 2020, mixed media, 12x12x1.5”; Margriet Hogue, Indian Summer, 2020, mixed media, 24x24x2.25”; Margriet Hogue in her studio; Ryan McCourt in his studio.