Inseparable Fragments

Santosh Korthiwada 

February 6–May 4 


In-Person tour: February 16, 2 pm 

Virtual Tour: February 28, noon 

Memories are precious and fleeting, changing and fading over time. Through digital collage, Calgary’s Santosh Korthiwada tries to preserve his memories of a lifetime spent in India. Korthiwada digitally stitches hundreds of his photographs together, each fragment chosen because it holds a piece of memory – a sound, a smell, a place or a person.

In Korthiwada’s work, many small parts come together to craft a universal whole, making the intangible act of remembering visible.



Credits: Santosh Korthiwada, Shakti Constellations, 2023, digital collage;  Santosh Korthiwada, Ghats of Benaras, 2023, digital collage.