In Violet Light

April Dean and Taiessa

May 30 to July 6, 2024

Alien and utterly entrancing, In Violet Light explores the complex relationship between people and plants. April Dean and Taiessa are looking at our relationship with the natural world through the lens of the house plant. Their work considers commercialization and ownership, colonization and extraction, and the problematic legacy of the indoor plant trade. Both artists evoke beautiful possibilities, alternative networks of exchange and connection, and a spirit of care and generosity.


Image Credit: April Dean, Futures Barren / Futures Abundant (photo still), 2021, stop motion HD video (image 1 and 2);  Taiessa, Monstera Deliciosa, 2022. Felt, thread, wheat paste, found jar; Portrait of April Dean, 2022;  Taiessa, photographed by Manpreet Singh.