High Energy 28

May 4 to 25

St. Albert High School Art Students


Returning for its 28th year, High Energy 28 will see over 100 artworks created by local students filling the walls of the Gallery. Hailing from grades 10, 11 and 12, these students hone their skills in the art programs at Bellerose Composite High School, École Alexandre-Taché, École Secondaire Paul Kane High School, St. Albert Catholic High School and Outreach High School.

High Energy 28 is a celebration of the skill and expression of our local youth. The teens of High Energy share their passion with our community, challenging our expectations and giving inspiration in the same breath. Through their artwork, students give shape to their dreams, obsessions and quirks while drawing attention to the challenges that sit at the forefront of their lives.

Each year, the Gallery sets the students an extra Challenge Project as part of the High Energy exhibition. For 2023, we asked them to transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Students from each school will create site specific installation artworks using plexiglass barriers and partitions that were used at their schools during the pandemic.  On the plexiglass, students will create abstract drawings - exploring line and shape, colour and form, beauty and light. 

For many students, the art room is hallowed ground. Somewhere they retreat to, a safe space to explore and express. With guidance, empathy and experience, art teachers give students the tools they need to be able to bring their visions to life. High Energy 28 gives us a look into this space, where the possibilities are endless.

Image Credits: 

Portals by Maeb Hicks, Grade 12, Pencil crayon, 24.5'x17.25' *Elsa Zahar winner; Self Portrait by Maria Heit, Grade 11, Coloured pencil and graphite *Elsa Zahar honourable mention; Old PK by Jeorge McCalum, Grade 12, Ink, 8.5"x10" *Elsa Zahar honourable mention; Instant Ablation by Presley Wellard, Grade 12, Acrylic on canvas, 40"x30" *Elsa Zahar honourable mention; Figée dans le temps by Julie Tuelenake Grade 11, Ink, 17.75'x22.75' *Elsa Zahar honourable mention.


View the online exhibition here.