Guilded – Gobsmacked

SAPVAC Members 

November 22, 2024 to January 25, 2025  


Bold and fearless, Guilded – Gobsmacked will bring a bright light and a passionate voice, celebrating our community's incredible art and artists. This biannual community exhibition will lean into the unexpected in 2024, featuring over 50 local and regional artists.

The featured artists hail from five local art guilds: St. Albert's Potters Guild, Painters Guild, Floral Art Society, Quilters' Guild and Paper Arts Guild. Vibrant and enthusiastic, their work celebrates the joy of creativity. Quilts, paintings, sculptures and handcrafted books delve into the artist's passions and fascinations.


Image Credit: SAPVAC member, Guilded – Reflections, exhibition view, 2022;  SAPVAC member, Guilded – Reflections, exhibition view, 2022.