Alberta Rose and Pine

Grade(s): Kindergarten, 1, 2, and 3

Location: Visual Art Studios at St. Albert Place (Art Gallery of St. Albert)

Program Delivery: Virtual and In School

The Province of Alberta has a particular outline that students will recognize and re-create with a clay slab. The official flower and tree, the Wild Rose and the Lodge Pole Pine are a creative addition to this unique clay piece celebrating Alberta! 



  • Art: Refining forms, Creative process, Expression and celebration, Fine and gross motor skill development
  • Science: Shapes, Plants, Experimentation, Critical thinking, Problem solving and Decision making
  • Social: Belonging and Connecting, My world, home, school, community


Student Outcomes

  • Learn some interesting facts about Alberta
  • Experiment with drawing, impressing, rolling and coiling clay
  • Learn what clay is, where it comes from; how to use clay and clay tools safely in a professional studio