1 Milk / 2 Sugar

E.M. Alysse Bowd 

August 15 to September 28, 2024


1 Milk/2 Sugar offers a rich view of motherhood. E.M. Alysse Bowd, with honesty and raw expression, illustrates the complex beauty and inherent friction in the journey of motherhood. 

For Bowd, two bodies of work are at the heart of 1 Milk/2 Sugar. The first is a collection of drawings that vividly capture early motherhood's details: moments of isolation, deep connection, exhaustion and marvel. They portray the surrender of control over one's body for the survival of another, fulfilling a need rooted in instinct and intuition. The second are sculptures of familiar objects like chairs and houses to more whimsical elements like cows and clouds. Embodied in a sense of intimacy, they have witnessed the countless small moments of motherhood, presenting a wide lens that infuses every day with a touch of magic.


Image credit: E.M. Alysse Bowd, Sweet Tooth and Baby Teeth, 2022 watercolour, graphite;  E.M. Alysse Bowd, Self-portrait, 2016.