Margriet Hogue

Margriet Hogue was born in the Netherlands and spent her formative years in Venezuela before immigrating to the east coast of Canada with her parents and a few years later to Alberta.  She studied textile and design at Olds College and weaving at the Banff Centre for the Arts.  In 1989 she  established her own needlework business.  Her business specializes in researching and reproducing samplers and needlework from museums in Europe and North America and she teaches at needlework workshops across North America and globally on- line.

In recent years Margriet has diversified into abstract painting.  Various courses and workshops have inspired a love for the freedom from the structure and minutiae of her needlework background.  She has received an honourable mention for Back Alley Blues in the Abstracted show of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the first Visual  Artist Award in Red Deer, Alberta.

Several of her pieces are and will be published in Creative Quarterly, both in the Fall and Winter issues.

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