Drum Making Workshop at Michif Cultural Connections

Drum Making Workshop at Michif Cultural Connections

Mar 10, 2023Alex Despins
The local non-profit Michif Cultural Connections is located on 9 Mission Avenue, St. Albert, AB in the Juneau House. They offer a variety of Métis cultural workshops led by Elder Joyce Beaver. In February 2023, I had the honour of participating in the drum making workshop. It felt like a home when I arrived, because I was immediately greeted by friendly faces and laughter.

There were Indigenous, and non-Indigenous people at the workshop, so everyone was welcome. Elder Joyce’s teaching style was “watch what I do” and then try it yourself. Her gentle corrections helped keep you on track, and you knew she wanted you to take home a beautifully completed project. Her teachings were personalized to the group, our questions, and often, our
humble mistakes. It is hard not to get distracted by the amazing artwork, artifacts, and books lining the walls of Juneau house. The leisurely pace of the workshop was nice as there was time to explore and wander around the old house.

I am grateful to the Arts and Heritage Foundation of St. Albert for their financial support and to Michif Cultural Connections for offering these one of a kind cultural workshops.


Alexandra Despins, Education Programmer with the Musée Héritage Museum

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