Staircase Exhibition Space

Art Gallery of St. Albert has a beautiful staircase gallery that can showcase large two-dimensional works, or ceiling suspended sculptures. Visitors experience this space as they travel to the main exhibitions gallery on the second floor.

Pop in any time during our open hours to see the space. 


  • Art comes in all shapes and sizes however the staircase space is not well suited for works that require up-close viewing or complex lighting.
  • The space can accommodate up to 3 large wall hanging pieces (maximum of 60 inches x 40 inches each).
  • Suspended sculptures can be a maximum of 36 inches wide, 30 inches deep and 72 inches in height. The maximum weight is 30 lbs. 


Submission deadline is February 29, 2024.



Image credits: Crystal Lee Clark, LandEscape, winter 2023 Monique, Annus Mirabilis - A Remarkable Year, summer 2023