Seasonal + Holidays

Grade(s): Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 1, 2, and 3

Location: Visual Art Studios at St. Albert Place (Art Gallery of St. Albert)

Program Delivery: In Studio, In School, and Virtual

Angel Wall Plaque: A charming angel will help us to spread the message of love. Students will get to add their own creative details. It’s the most popular workshop of the year!

Easter Cross: Students look at a number of different crosses designed around the world before creating their own special cross design on a slab of clay. They may also choose to add Easter Lilies, or drapery to represent Jesus and his ascension into heaven.

Manger + Star: This nativity plaque depicts Baby Jesus in a manger of straw. A guiding star shines down on the manger scene. (Seasonal class, running through winter months until early December). 

O' Christmas Tree: Working with a slab of clay, students create a festive Christmas tree. Branches are textured and decorated with ornaments. (Seasonal class, running through winter months until early December).

Snowman: Working with a large block of clay, students learn several different hand building techniques to create their own unique snowman. (Seasonal class, running through winter months until early December).

Glowing Pumpkin: This project is perfect for educators' first fall field trip! Students learn to roll, cut and join two pieces of clay into an expressive standing pumpkin that flickers to life when a battery powered tea light is placed behind it. (Available until mid October).

Father's Day Trophy: This is the perfect clay project for Father’s Day! Students learn to cut a slab of clay into a trophy shape, roll coils for decorative handles and use different clay tools to decorate it especially for dad. (Available until June 2nd).


    *Note: All in school and virtual clay programs use air dry clay which is much less durable than clay that is bisque fired at our visual art studios. We cannot transport clay from in-school programs to the visual art studios for firing, but if your school has a kiln and a technician, we can supply suitable clay for firing at your school. 

    Click here for information on in school techniques for finishing air dry clay.



    • Art: refining forms, creative process, expression and celebration, fine and gross motor skill development
    • Religion
    • Science: shapes, experimentation, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making
    • Social: being together, belonging and connecting 


    Student Outcomes

    • Learn what clay is, where it comes from; how to use clay and clay tools safely in a professional studio 
    • Experiment with drawing, impressing, rolling and coiling clay
    • Students connect with world cultures and experience diversity


    Suggested Pairings 

    Exploring Art – Art Gallery of St. Albert   

    I Belong – Musée Héritage Museum