Basic Batik

Grade(s): Kindergarten, 1, 2, and 3


Program Delivery: In School

Students learn the basics of colour theory and create a colour wheel using primary colours, mixing them together to create secondary colours. Batik is a type of fibre art using wax and dyes or paint. Wax is applied to fabric in a simple design. The wax serves as a resist, preventing the paint from reaching the fabric where it is applied.



  • Art: Color theory, refining forms, creative process, expression and celebration, fine and gross motor skill development
  • Science: Colours, shapes, seasons, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making


Student Outcomes

  • Learn what primary and secondary colours are and how to mix their own secondary colours
  • Learn to draw a simple outline of a flower, heart, butterfly or snowflake using wax and then painting over the drawing to see how it resists the paint


Suggested Pairing

Very Messy Art – Art Gallery of St. Albert